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Open Water Aquatic Cue Cards

PADI Open Water Instructor Cue Card Slates are indispensable for any active PADI Instructor teaching students. These slates spell out every performance requirement for every skill that your students need to perform and what order to do them in. One Slate For Every Open Water Dive with required and flexible skills, the order to perform the skills…
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Encyclopedia of Recreational Diving

To better enjoy the underwater world, you must understand it. This new and updated 3rd edition of The Encyclopedia of Recreational Diving has everything you've ever wanted to know about recreational scuba diving and more. Here's just a sample of what you will find:- Fun facts for all water enthusiasts- The latest information about the aquatic…
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Nitrox Decompression Tables

BSAC nitrox decompression tables are hailed as the simplest dive tables to use and to teach. This four set booklet covers air, Nitrox 27%, 32% and 36%. The only true Nitrox rather than EAD tables, they again follow the BSAC no calculation format. Printed on waterproof plastic.
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BSAC 88 Decompression Tables

In 1985 BSAC commissioned Dr Tom Hennessy, a world renowned researcher in the field, to jointly produce the first decompression tables specifically designed for sports diving. Published in 1988, so known as the BSAC '88 Tables, they form a booklet of four table sets giving no calculation repeat diving solutions from sea level to 3000 metres…
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