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Aqua Sphere Ergoflex Hand Paddle

Aqua Sphere Swim Paddle Strengthen & improve your stroke while training. The Swim Paddles enhance a workout by efficiently displacing water while allowing you to focus on stroke form. Paddle design increases arm workout One size fits all Easy to adjust & use
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TYR Catch Paddle

TYR Catch Paddle Catch® Paddles are designed to develop a better feel for the water and make technique imperfections easier to identify. Showcasing an extended side-blade design to over exaggerate the "catch phase" of strokes, our patent pending Catch® Paddles can be used in conjunction with regular training paddles to improve all four swim…
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Mentor Training Paddle

Mentor Training Paddle Invented by World Record Masters swimmer and former ASU coaching great Ron Johnson, the Mentor Hand Paddles are perfect for swimmers of all levels.  From fitness swimmers to triathletes, this evolutionary technical paddle is designed to build strength without losing feel and catches water quicker on the entry phase of the…
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Head Contour Swim Paddle

Head Contour Swim Paddle Exclusive, hydrodynamic, contoured hand paddle with adjustable silicone wrist straps for a secure hold.   Training with the hand paddles develops specific muscles and helps improve stroke technique. Ergonomic design of the blade for a better grip and less fatigue. Contoured paddle provides a better feeling for the water.…
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